10 Mini Rituals for Your Daily Spiritual Practice

Sometimes creating and maintaining a daily spiritual practice can seem like a daunting task. Maybe you just don’t know where to start or what types of actions and meditations are appropriate for you, or maybe you find yourself falling off the wagon with the daily rituals you have tried to create.

If this is you, I recommend starting small! Incorporate mini rituals like these suggested here into your daily routines and begin developing a spiritual practice that works for you (and that make you actually want to stick with it!)

Light a candle. I’m always amazed at how centering and calming the simple experience of striking a match and lighting a candle can be. Try lighting candles while you do your makeup in the morning, on your desk at work or for the last 10 minutes before bed. 

Hold a crystal. Holding a crystal in your cupped palms for a few minutes and meditating on its energy is a great way to connect with these magickal tools in a short amount of time. You can also sleep with the crystal you’ve chosen under your pillow.

Stir your coffee widdershins. While you sip your coffee or tea in the morning, stir it counter-clockwise with a spoon to banish negativity from your day.

Move through standing sun salutations. If you find that you rarely have time for yoga during the day, try this adapted sun salutation sequence that you can do anywhere (even in the bathroom at work with a few minutes of privacy!) Begin by taking a deep breath and lifting your arms overhead, then bringing your hands to your heart in prayer pose. Take another deep breath and float over in a standing forward bend. Take a breath and lift your head and heart halfway, then hang down again. Finally, take one last deep breath and lift your arms overhead, bringing hands to heart once more. 

Use an essential oil roller ball. A glass bottle fitted with a roller ball is a great thing to keep handy in your purse or at your desk. Whenever you need a little spiritual pick-me-up or focus, just rub a little oil on your wrists or behind your ears and breathe deeply.

Pour a cup of tea. The process of choosing a tea blend or herbs, heating the water, brewing the tea and taking that first step is a powerful ritual for mindfulness and solace.

Make skincare spiritual. Take a moment to be quiet and mindful while applying moisturizer or other skincare products, or to cast a glamour while putting on your makeup.

Draw temporary sigils. If you enjoy working with sigils, runes and other symbols, draw signs for protection or luck in temporary ways, such as with your finger in a jar of face cream, with a wooden spoon through sauce while cooking or in the butter on your morning toast.

Read about the day’s astrology. Find an app or a book that you like that tracks the daily astrological transits and make a little time each moring, you won’t need more than a few minutes, to read about what kinds of energies we are experiencing that day. 

Pay attention to the seasons. Being aware of the passing of the seasons and of the Wheel of the Year as it turns is a big part of many witches’ paths. Just looking out the window or going for a walk around the block can make you more mindful of these changes.

Do you have a daily spiritual practice? If so, what small, individual elements make up your practice? If not, what is holding you back or what are you struggling with?

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