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- For Your Most Magickal Life -

For Your Most Magickal Life

Make Magick with the Moon

I’m the type of person who always points and says, “wow, look at the moon!” no matter what phase it’s in. Can you relate?

Working with the moon phases can help you create structure and a strong foundation of nurturing in your life and your spiritual practice – a beautiful balance of structure and flow. 


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Pillars of Simple Magick

Hi, there! I’m Tenae Stewart, the Witch of Lupine Hollow. I’m a practicing cottage witch, certified astrologer, published author, and a spiritual coach.

I help modern witches like you learn to work with the cycles of nature – the seasons, the moon, and astrology – to embody simplicity in your spiritual practice and experience magick all day, every day.

Embracing these pillars of simple, embodied witchcraft in your real, daily life will help you:

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