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5 Steps to Figure Out What Kind of Witch You Are

Witchcraft is a tool for self-love – especially when you follow the unique path that speaks directly to your soul.  Perhaps you’ve already gone down the rabbithole …

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How to Get Started with Shadow Work

The Sun moved into Scorpio a few days ago – and it's the perfect time to do shadow work. But what does that mean for ...
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Ep. 22: 8 signs you’re not living in alignment with your astrological chart – and how to fix it

Here are 8 signs you're not living in alignment with your astrological chart - which is literally a map of the stars at the moment ...
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24 Magickal & Mundane Uses for Moonwater

With the full moon fast approaching, it’s time to prepare for all sorts of magick and mysticism. One of my oldest and most favorite moon ...
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The Ultimate List of Witchy Resources

An epic roundup of my favorite books, websites and smartphone apps for witches.
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How to Know if You're a Witch | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

How to Know if You’re a Witch

In this video, we are debunking myths and talking about actionable ways to know if the path of a witch is right for you.
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100 Ways to Live a Magickal Life Every Day

Explore 100 ways to infuse your daily life with magick and witchcraft.
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