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Lupine Hollow is all about finding your spiritual perspective. What do you believe? How do you practice? What does witchcraft and magick mean to you?

In addition to sharing all sorts of fun and adaptable resources here on the blog, and producing the bi-monthly Moonglow newsletter and Super Secret Moonglow Grimoire…

I offer a variety of magickal and spiritual services and products!

Lavender + Lupine School of Magick

A collaboration with Dana Marie of Lavender Moon, Lavender + Lupine is an online school for modern witches! We’re all about practical magick, modern witchcraft and forging your own spiritual and magickal path. Sign up for one of our courses, such as Practical Magick for Modern Witches or The Modern Witch’s Guide to Following the Lunar Cycle, or you can sign up for Lifetime Access to the entire school (including future courses)! You’ll receive access to content, videos, quizzes, journal prompts and more. Sign up now!

Practical Magick for Modern Witches online course


Personalized Lunar Astrology

Do you struggle to craft moon rituals that feel personal and that you really connect with? With so many witchcraft traditions and paths out there, and so many books and websites packed with ideas, it can be difficult to figure out what really speaks to you.

A lunar-based practice should be molded to fit your unique beliefs, interests, budget and time constraints. My goal is to help you find ways to personalize your pagan or witchcraft practice and connect more deeply with the lunar cycle. This bespoke service includes:

  • A reading based on your natal moon phase, sign and mansion. That is the phase the moon was in when you were born (new, waxing, full or waning), the astrological sign the moon was in when you were born and the lunar mansion the moon was in when you were born. These three elements affect your personality, drive and how you connect with your emotional self.
  • One custom new moon ritual and one custom full moon ritual based on your moon reading. These will be inspired by your individual practice, the tools and resources you already use and the information gleaned from your natal moon phase, sign and mansion.

Click here to get your moon reading and custom rituals as a package for $30.
You can also purchase just an a la carte moon reading for just $15.

Testimonial from Dana Marie of Lavender Moon:
“This reading was amazing! I loved learning more about the moon’s influence in my life – everything was super accurate and gave me a deeper understanding about myself. The rituals were incredibly detailed and personalized to my specific practice, so I already know I’m going to love doing them on the next new and full moon. I especially loved the yoga pose ideas – I’ll definitely be trying those soon!”


You can also purchase and download self-guided workbooks and ebooks, such as:

  • Year of Moonrites, a printable ebook focused on magickal correspondences for the full moon in each month of the year so you can design your own custom moon rituals
  • Moonglow: New & Full Moon Ritual Workbook, a printable workbook focused on the various elements involved in designing your own custom moon rituals, such as crystals, candles and more
  • Moon Bundle, a great savings on both the Year of Moonrites and the New & Full Moon Ritual Workbook!
  • Basic Tarot Cheatsheet, a printable workbook you can fill out to help you memorize the meanings of tarot cards.


You’ll also find my work at:

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