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Chelsea H.

It’s hard to find the time and the energy to both learn the systems of nature and magic and then also filter into how they apply to you personally. Tenae makes me feel empowered in a way I’ve not felt before. She feels approachable and shares teachings and experiences in a way that I feel like a knowledgeable friend would speak. Having seen what her work can do, my only regret is not working with Tenae sooner.

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Jade H.

In the coven space, Tenae is a wealth of knowledge, super attentive and also so inspiring – not to mention a total sweetheart. The subscription material is thorough and engaging, with directions to help you on your very own specific witchy journey. … I’ve just began my exploration and study of developing my best witchy self, and these subscriptions, along with Tenae’s guidance, I am finding myself standing on much firmer ground when I reflect upon my self-love and worth.

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Amanda W.

The fog has lifted and I have a definite sense of direction. I value myself a lot more deeply than I did before. I have acquired more knowledge and even self-confidence. It is a fantastic experience. [Tenae] has a wealth of knowledge and understanding. She is fierce, fiery and pretty much a goddess gifted to us mortals.

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Dalea F.

I thought [astrology] was super complicated and would be overwhelming to learn, despite my interest and desire to dig deeper into it. Learning about astrology in a simplified way, that directly applies to me and my own chart has made a world of a difference. The archetypes in the Coven help me understand so much! I have been able to work more closely with my own personal energies as they relate to the cycles around me. Tenae is wonderful at simplifying the complicated (or what we interpret to be complicated) and beautifully helps you open up the path to yourself.

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