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Wendy H.

Tenae very quickly helped me see the contrast with my emotional Cancer and my airy Aquarius, and how they need not fight each other as sides of me, but needed to both be acknowledged and used for the strengths each brought. It was SUCH a lightbulb moment.

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Trish B.

I could tell that [Tenae] put a lot of work into the reading and that she goes the extra mile to provide suggestions for further exploration. The printed reading that she provides is beautiful and easy to read. She was professional, very friendly, and fun to work with. I must say that it’s nice to be able to have found such an amazing personal astrologer. I’m looking forward to more readings in the future!

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Meg Rosenbriar

I knew I was missing a piece of my spiritual life path and I had been wrestling with finding it for months. The universe put Tenae and I together and the clarity I received from her is astounding. The way she read my birth chart revealed just the right glimmer of connection for me to go and do the work of making meaning out of it myself.

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Olivia P.

The reading was affirming in a way where all the things I knew I needed to work on and listen to were there. It was no longer an “I should”, it was now an “I need”. I have such a hard time putting myself first, taking care of myself, and listening to myself, and this made it easier. It doesn’t feel like a coincidence that after this reading the perfect opportunity aligned for me to move closer to the earth and a life that suits me better.

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