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S4 E17: How to work with astrology through plants and crystals

In this episode, I’m sharing all about how you to bring the abstract, intellectual concepts of astrology down to earth, using real-world tools like plants, crystals, and tarot cards. Every sign in the zodiac is associated with an element, (fire, earth, air, or water), and an archetype or a character that embodies its energy.

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S4 E16: Astrology 101: Understanding the planets and transits

In this episode, I’m sharing all about how to understand one of the most complicated and confusing aspects of astrology: the transits. Transits is a very broad, catch-all term for pretty much anything the sun, moon, planets, and asteroids do – change signs, go retrograde, form aspects to one another, and more.

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S4 E11: Astrology 101: How to read your birth chart and why it matters

In this episode, I’m deep diving into what astrology is, how to read your own birth chart, and why your birth chart can help you in all areas of your life. We’re talking about the planets and luminaries, the twelve signs of the zodiac, the twelve houses, and how they can combine in infinite ways to reflect who you are as a person.

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