The Empowered Modern Witches Summit 2020

Nurture Your Inner Witch with the 5 Pillars of Divinity

Tenae Stewart, host

The Witch of Lupine Hollow, Founder & CEO

Pronouns: She/Her

Tenae Stewart is a practicing cottage witch, an astrologer, a self-love and empowerment coach, and a published author. She is on a mission to embody simplicity in magick, ritual, self-love and self-care and to empower modern witches to create rituals that fit effortlessly into their real, daily lives.
Tenae’s first book, The Modern Witch’s Guide to Magickal Self-care, will be released in October 2020 from Skyhorse Publishing and includes her signature method for creating daily rituals to nurture your inner witch, as well as three dozen witchy self-care rituals to nourish your mind, body, and intuition!

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