The Empowered Modern Witches Summit 2020

Self-Care Astrology: Create a Health and Wellness Plan Based on Sun Sign Design!

Karrie Myers Taylor

KM Taylor, LLC
Empowerment Astrologer, Astrological Strategist & AstroEducator

Pronouns: She/Her

In the beginning, I was a Video Producer suffering from obesity, anxiety, and low self confidence that was both chronic and confusing. Before becoming a full-time Astrologer & Coach, I spent over a decade as the Creative Director of Videokard, a professional video production company I created in 2012.
A meeting with a therapist (who just happened to also be a star cartographer), transformed that confusion into empowerment. She introduced me to my birth chart, and through my own curiosity and astrological study, I learned what my particular life path was for, why I had been through certain experiences and what I was meant to do with them.  I believe Astrology is a “Rosetta Stone into our inner psyches”; revealing not only the gifts of our individual life paths, but also how to manifest them. By that time, I had begun studying Holistic Health Consulting, and this combined with my multiple years experience in business and entrepreneurialism, helped me see exactly how to use Astrology as a revolutionary “life hack”.  I could help myself and others stop wasting time, money and energy, and get clear path direction to the calm, confident, prosperous lives we were all meant to have.
My accurate intuition, mindset re-patterning meditations, energetic healing techniques and real world strategies – combined with a 10+ year business background – has helped people across the globe bring their Soul Purpose down to earth and into the real world, manifesting the relationships, businesses and mindsets they’ve always wanted.  And my online and in-person sessions, classes and workshops empower you with practical, cosmic guidance to help you navigate your path and start living the life you were BORN to live.

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