The Empowered Modern Witches Summit 2020

Shadow Work as Self-Care

Aunt Carla

Marie Lizzeau
Spiritual Teacher, High Priestess, Blogger

Pronouns: She/Her

Aunt Carla is a practicing witch of over 30 years. With Hoodoo as the foundation of her craft, she adds knowledge of astrology, tarot, and crystals to her magickal tool box. She is the High Priestess of the Queen Up Club Mystery School online, where she teaches self-actualization through magick, metaphysics, psychology, and the Law of Attraction. She’s known as the Self-Help Witch as she teaches “how to use magick to help yo’self”. Popular topics in her weekly Sunday School Magickal Masterclasses include Candle Magick, Spiritual Baths, and the Ancestor Contact Ritual.
A student of cultural anthropology, Aunt Carla is a passionate researcher of folk magick practices from around the world, and is fascinated by their commonalities. Her research has resulted in publishing articles including “The Tale of the Civil War Hoodoo Bottle” for, and “The Magickal History of Florida Water” for She has also been a guest on the One Boss Witchcast, and The Basic Witches and Get Rose podcasts
Aunt Carla launched the Marie Lizzeau brand in 2019 to promote a “100% That Witch” t-shirt featuring Marie Laveau, the New Orleans Voodoo Queen, who was a witch of color. The Marie Lizzeau brand evolved to include social activism, as Aunt Carla was led to study the origins of Hoodoo, which was created by enslaved Africans first brought to the United States and the Americas in 1619, and practiced by their descendants today.
After the protests fueled by George Floyd’s death due to police brutality, Aunt Carla’s “Hex Racism” t-shirt was created as a walking spell, and has been worn by many witches around the world. Her social activism also includes leading online rituals for Justice, Protection, and Unity.
Aunt Carla also offers tarot and spellwork consultations, as well as business coaching for spiritual entrepreneurs.

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