The Empowered Modern Witches Summit Speakers

Self-Care with the Sun, Moon + Stars

Second Annual    •    September 20-24, 2021

The Empowered Modern Witches Summit is an annual celebration of magickal self-care and empowerment through witchcraft, hosted by The Witch of Lupine Hollow.

This year’s summit will take place September 20-24, 2021, the week of the Autumn Equinox in the northern hemisphere – the perfect time for gathering, sharing wisdom and gratitude, and breaking (virtual) bread together.

Our theme this year is “Self-Care with the Sun, Moon + Stars” and all speakers from our diverse lineup will present their unique perspective and practices related to this overall topic.

This summit is all about highlighting the diverse ways we each practice witchcraft, spirituality, and self-care. Our community is made up of individuals representing many different social and spiritual identities and the goal of this summit will be to represent and amplify the diverse perspectives of modern witches. We are committed to this being a substantially diverse summit, highlighting the voices and practices of BIPOC and LGBTQIA2 folks.

As an attendee, you’ll learn how to practice self-care using the seasons, moon phases, astrology and more from experienced witches, authors, and influencers. 


Even better, the live event is completely free to attend!

Summit Speaker Lineup

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Tenae Stewart

Summit Host
The Witch of Lupine Hollow
Witch, Astrologer, Coach

Tenae Stewart is a practicing cottage witch, a certified astrologer, a spiritual coach, and a published author. Her work empowers modern witches to create rituals that fit effortlessly into their real, daily lives so they can have the magickal experiences they desire and deserve – all day, every day.

Pronouns: She/Her

Live Presentation: Monday, September 20, 11:00 am PDT

Alice Sparkly Kat uses astrology to re-chart a history of the subconscious, redefine the body in world, and reimagine history as collective memory. Their astrological work has inhabited MoMA, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and The Brooklyn Museum. They’re the author of Postcolonial Astrology (May 2021).

Pronouns: They/Them

Live Presentation: Monday, September 20, 3:00 pm PDT

Lorriane Anderson

Spirit Element

Lorriane Anderson is a tarot reader, astrologer, spiritual teacher, writer, and soul-based entrepreneur. Her work focuses heavily on sacred and intentional living as well as using spiritual practices and earth-based arts as a pathway for profound healing, growth, and transformation. She is heavily influenced by her diverse lineage, bringing together healing practices from her ancestors in a practical, updated way. 

Pronouns: She/Her

Live Presentation: Thursday, September 23, 11:00 am PDT

Hara Aramaya

The Monarch Temple
Sensual & Pleasure Embodiment Mentor | $E.X wytch

Hara Aramaya  is a pleasure embodiment mentor a.k.a $e.X Wytch, currently residing in Mexico, who works with women & the gender expansive community to birth a life governed by love, pleasure and abundance. Formerly a burnt out registered nurse, dominatrix & sex worker they have embraced their gifts to live in radiant alignment. 

Pronouns: She/He/They

Live Presentation: Wednesday, September 22, 6:00 pm PDT

Jennie Blonde

Comfy Cozy Witch
Cozy House Witch

Jennie Blonde is an eclectic Pagan witch with a love of hearth and home witchery. She enjoys brewing up all sorts of magick through ritual and spellwork in the kitchen, garden, house and home. She lives in Pennsylvania with her two dogs, one witchling, and husband.

Pronouns: She/Her

Live Presentation: Thursday, September 23, 3:00 pm PDT

Aunt Carla

Red Soulflower
Owner, High Priestess

Aunt Carla is a teacher, blogger, and spiritual practitioner with over 30 years of magickal experience.
While Hoodoo was the foundation of her craft, she has expanded her magickal toolbox with studies of astrology, tarot, crystals, and sigils.  She’s known as the Self-Help Witch as she teaches “how to use magick to help yo’SELF”.

Pronouns: She/Her

Live Presentation: Thursday, September 23, 6:00 pm PDT

Mandi Em

Healing for Hot Messes

Mandi Em is a wellness witch and the author of Witchcraft Therapy. Mandi’s jam is helping bad b*tches hack the mundane and awaken to their magic. She lives in beautiful B.C. Canada with her husband and 3 kids.

Pronouns: She/Her

Live Presentation: Tuesday, September 21, 6:00 pm PDT

Afura Fareed

Alchemy of Affluence and the Writing Witch
Headmistress, Artist

Afura is an artist and personal development guide, and the founder of The Writing Witch Shop and Alchemy Of Affluence Academy. By living in tune with the eight Seasons on the witch’s calendar and balancing all areas of life through the wisdom of the five Elements, Afura’s goal is to help you empower yourself to live out your soul’s highest and most fulfilled expression!

Pronouns: She/Her

Live Presentation: Tuesday, September 21, 11:00 am PDT

Wendy Mata

Bruja Power Botanica
Bruja Curandera by Lineage and Initiated Shaman

Wendy Mata, the Founder of Bruja Power Botanica, supports witchy ones in their journey to magic and power, she believes that awaken women are a force of nature and the drivers to the transformations needed in the world.. Wendy received her Mayan Shamanism initiations in Yucatan Mexico, and was trained in Curanderismo and Brujeria by her family. 

Pronouns: She/Her

Live Presentation: Monday, September 20, 6:00 pm PDT

Rachel Onojafe

The Cosmic Coach, Empowerment Witch & Priestess

Rachel Onojafe’s years of studying and applying Cosmic systems like Human Design, Astrology, and Tarot have been all about personal empowerment. She has seen in her life and her clients’ lives, that the stars really give us ‘PRACTICAL MAGIC’. That magic is inside and all around us, if we’re ready to tap into it.

Pronouns: She/Her

Live Presentation: Friday, September 24, 11:00 am PDT

Madame Pamita

Parlour of Wonders

Madame Pamita is a Candle Maker, Spellcaster, Tarot Reader, Teacher, Author, and a Maker of Magic, Music, and Mischief.  She is the host of a popular YouTube Channel and podcast and is the author of The Book of Candle Magic and Madame Pamita’s Magical Tarot. She is also the proprietress of the online spiritual apothecary, the Parlour of Wonders.

Pronouns: She/Her

Live Presentation: Friday, September 24, 3:00 pm PDT

Astrea Taylor

Author, Astrologer

Astrea Taylor is an eclectic, intuitive pagan witch, writer, and speaker whose goals include empowering other witches and encouraging them to use intuition in their witchcraft. She is the author of Intuitive Witchcraft and Air Magic, and she blogs as Starlight Witch on Patheos. When she’s not writing, she dances with fire as the co-leader of Aurora Fire Dancers.

Pronouns: She/Her

Live Presentation: Wednesday, September 22, 3:00 pm PDT

Karrie Myers Taylor

Astrological Guide

Karrie Myers Taylor is a Lifestyle Empowerment Astrologer, AstroEducator and Coach, utilizing the ancient tool of Astrology to strategically guide her clients to greater success in Self Care, Career, Relationships, Travel, Corporate Team Building and Karmic Healing.
She has helped people across the globe bring their true purpose down to earth and into the real world. 

Pronouns: She/Her

Live Presentation: Friday, September 24, 6:00 pm PDT

Maia Toll


Maia Toll is the author of the best selling and award-winning Wild Wisdom Series, with over 100,000 copies sold. The seeds for this series were planted when Maia apprenticed with a traditional healer in Ireland where she spent extensive time studying the growing cycles of plants, the alchemy of medicine making, and the psycho-spiritual aspects of healing. 

Pronouns: She/Her

Live Presentation: Wednesday, September 22, 11:00 am PDT

Nikki Van De Car is a woman in search of magic. Whether that magic is to be found walking in the woods, in knitting, spinning and other thread-magic, in dancing in the rain or in laughing with those she loves. She is the author of ten books on crafting and magic, including Practical Magic, Wellness Witch, The Junior Witch’s Handbook, and most recently, The Junior Astrologer’s Handbook.

Pronouns: She/Her

Live Presentation: Tuesday, September 21, 3:00 pm PDT

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