Past Summit + Festival Replays

We host annual virtual events in the spring and the fall, bringing together diverse perspectives on working with the seasons, moon phases, astrology, and practicing magick and self-care. On this page, you can purchase replays from our past events and catch up on all of the magick! 

Fall Summit 2022

Get over 15 hours of video trainings from our fall 2022 summit, including: 


  • Introduction to the Sun, Moon + Stars in Witchcraft with Tenae Stewart
  • Empowerment and Shadow of Black Moon Lilith in Your Chart with Tenae Stewart
  • Spiritual Baths for Women+ of Power with Wendy Mata
  • Secular Witchcraft with Mandi Em
  • Cyclical Mindfulness with Rachael Amber
  • The Lunar Journey with Aunt Carla
  • The UnMothered Moon with Karrie Myers Taylor
  • Healing Money Trauma with Your Cosmic Signature with Karen Gargiso
  • Nine Pillars of Self-Care with Lorriane Anderson
  • Activating Your Abundant Money Frequency with Melissa Bates
  • Harnessing Autumn Themes to Create Sacred Space at Home with Afura Fareed
  • Seasonal Ancestral Self-Care with Kir Beaux
  • Hormone Balancing EFT Tapping Class with Hara Aramaya
  • Ideal Self-Care Rituals for Your Unique Astrological Blueprint with Ursula McDaid
  • Self-Love and the Rising Sign with Rachel Onojafe
  • A Healing Activation to Reclaim Your Magic with Julie Francis
  • Sex Magic with Vicky Gourlay
  • Plus, panel discussions on shadow work, self-care, and living your most magickal life!

Get all this for just $57!

Fall Summit 2021

Get over 15 hours of video trainings from our fall 2021 summit, including: 


  • Politics of Magic and Astrology with Alice Sparkly Kat
  • The Ritual Planner with Lorriane Anderson
  • Pleasure & Sensual Embodiment with Your Inner Moon Phases with Hara Aramaya
  • Comfy Cozy Rituals Across the Seasons with Jennie Blonde
  • Secrets of Your Celestial Cycles with Aunt Carla
  • Bath Magic using Lunar Phases with Mandi Em
  • Journaling with the Seasons with Afura Fareed
  • Cleansing and Protection Rituals for Witches, Healers, and All Magical Ones with Wendy Mata
  • How to Care for Your Aura + Self by Human Design Type with Rachel Onojafe
  • Candle Magic with the Moon with Madame Pamita
  • Intuitive Astrology: How to Thrive in Every Transit with Astrea Taylor
  • Chiron: Understanding How to Heal in Your Astrology Chart with Karrie Myers Taylor
  • Energetics for the Wheel of the Year with Maia Toll
  • Moon Manifestation Rituals with Nikki Van de Car
  • and more!!

Get all this for just $57!

Spring Festival 2022

Get over 8 hours of video trainings from our spring 2022 festival, including: 


Get all this for just $37!

Or, bundle all three replays and save 20%!

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