You're a Wild Witch!

You are a witch who is deeply in tune with the wildness of nature. This path differs from garden witchcraft in that you are interested specifically in the wilderness, not just the tamed order of a garden. You enjoy long hikes in the forest and being the only human for miles. You are adept at foraging and love to create temporary altars in the woods.

One of the biggest challenges you have faced as a witch is finding that connection to the wilderness in your daily life. In our modern, 21st century world, it can be difficult to find the wild woman within, or even to find a patch of green in which to relax. Finding ways to take your wildness with you wherever you go will serve you well – connect with the sound of a lone bird singing in the trees on your walk to work or practice a few moments of meditation between meetings, envisioning yourself walking in a wild forest, surrounded by nature. 

Many Wild Witches have a strong Sagittarius signature in their astrological chart, such as a Sagittarius Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Sagittarius Rising or Sagittarius Dominant, but this is not required to be a Wild Witch!

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