You're a Lunar Witch!

You are a witch who follows the cycles of the moon. You hold rituals on the new and full moons, and perhaps also on the waxing and waning quarter moons. You are deeply in tune with the moon and want to understand how its phases and signs affect you physically and emotionally. You have an incredible depth of emotion and are very intuitive, perhaps even psychic.

Being in tune with the moon also means being in tune with your own natural cycles and rhythms. One of your biggest challenges as a witch has been fully embracing the ebb and flow of your emotions, intuition and moods. Tracking your dreams and moods by the moon phases will help you to better understand how you wax and wane and how to effectively live in flow with your own cycles, instead of fighting your nature!

Many Lunar Witches have a strong Cancer signature in their astrological chart, such as a Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon, Cancer Rising or Cancer Dominant, but this is not required to be a Lunar Witch!

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