You're a Kitchen Witch!

You are a witch who is focused on the kitchen. You enjoy cooking, especially for other people, and infusing even the simplest of dishes with magick. Sharing homemade food with loved ones fulfills you on a deep and spiritual level. You may have an altar in your kitchen or feel connected to hearth goddesses such as Vesta. 

The power of kitchen witches lies in sharing the food you’ve made. One of the biggest challenges you have faced as a witch is finding the time to spend in the kitchen that you truly crave. In your ideal, dream life, you would get to spend whole days in the kitchen, making up batches of cookies, healthy suppers and drying your herbs. But your modern life sometimes gets in the way of that. What you need is to find ways to make even the shortest moments in the kitchen feel magickal – whether its turning on the Vitamix or making a PB&J for your kids. 

Many Kitchen Witches have a strong Capricorn signature in their astrological chart, such as a Capricorn Sun, Capricorn Moon, Capricorn Rising or Capricorn Dominant, but this is not required to be a Kitchen Witch!

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