You're a Hedge Witch!

You are a deeply spiritual individual with an interest in shamanism. Plants and gardening are an important aspect of your practice. In particular, you are drawn to learning about the medicinal uses of plants and how you can help those around you heal through herbalism. Hedge witches also focus on the spiritual realm and astral journeying through meditation, astral projection and the safe and informed use of journeying herbs. You can also take a hedge witch’s approach to dream magick, using your dreams to travel to other realms and within your subconscious.

One of the biggest challenges you have faced as a witch is integrating your intensely magickal spiritual life with the rest of your everyday, mundane life. The key is in finding the magickal aspects of even the most mundane activities. For example, though you may not be able to astral project every day, you CAN connect with that airy, mental energy through meditation – especially on days when the moon is in an air sign. Though you might not be able to spend most days in the kitchen, whipping up magickal potions, you CAN integrate medicinal and magickal herbs into your cup of morning tea!

Many Hedge Witches have a strong Gemini signature in their astrological chart, such as a Gemini Sun, Gemini Moon, Gemini Rising or Gemini Dominant, but this is not required to be a Hedge Witch!

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