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You are a witch who is focused on the garden. Your practice is all about plants: growing them, caring for them, drying and storing them, making teas, tinctures and soaps out of them and creating a spiritual connection with them. It is important for you to spend time in your garden on a regular basis in order to feel fulfilled. Practicing rituals and building altars outdoors in your own garden space will help you tie your practice together in a cohesive way. 

Even if you aren’t able to have a physical garden, you feel a deep connection to plants and love tending to them. A container garden on your patio or balcony and even potted plants in the windowsill can stand in for a full garden when needed! This can be one of the biggest challenges you face as a witch, is feeling disconnected from nature when your garden isn’t quite the ideal dream garden you’ve imagined, but with a little creativity and devotion, you can create a sacred garden space anywhere. 

Many Garden Witches have a strong Virgo signature in their astrological chart, such as a Virgo Sun, Virgo Moon, Virgo Rising or Virgo Dominant, but this is not required to be a Garden Witch!

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