Private Mentoring Experience

From Stuck to Spellbound

A Private Mentorship (With a Real Witch) to Fully Embody Your Most Powerful Witchy Self - NOW!

Let Me guess:

You plan out rituals for the full moon or the summer solstice but rarely follow-through on them. 

You constantly second-guess whether you’re doing it right when you do try to practice witchcraft. 

You have a really hard time being consistent with your rituals.

You’ve taken tons of classes and read all the books, but when you use their suggestions, you just feel like you’re going through the motions of someone else’s rituals. 

You’re not totally sure what practices actually resonate with you, so you get overwhelmed by all the options.

I've Been There.

When I first started practicing witchcraft, I was 100% in the broom closet and I didn’t have a clue what I was doing!

I wound up being super inconsistent because I was terrified of someone walking in on me while I was doing a ritual or asking what the collection of random items on my dresser was, (my first altar.) 

I totally psyched myself out about it – to the point that I actually stopped practicing for over 2 years! 

Hi, I’m Tenae, the Witch of Lupine Hollow! I’m a practicing cottage witch, an astrologer, an author, and a coach.

Ever since I embraced simplicity in my daily rituals and started working intentionally with the rhythms of nature in my real, daily life, I’ve received more abundance and fulfillment than I could have imagined before!

In fact, within 2 months of fully owning my path as a witch and coming out of the broom closet to my family, I was offered an ideal new job at a company I’d always wanted to work for and a straight up, literal book deal, (a lifelong dream of mine) – both out of the blue and unsolicited!

Once I discovered how to create rituals that actually resonate with my beliefs and that suit my needs and lifestyle, my whole world opened up. 

That's why I want to help you go from STUCK to SPELLBOUND with my method for discovering your inner witch and developing custom rituals:

🔮 Gain the confidence to actually do a ritual on your own – no more wondering if you’re doing it wrong

🔮 Foster trust in yourself and the power of your own intuition

🔮 Understand what feels fulfilling for you and what you need out of your spiritual practice

What if you could:

Feel totally confident practicing rituals on a daily basis and to celebrate the moon phases and seasons. 

Have a customized ritual structure that uniquely suits your own needs, beliefs, and lifestyle. 

Get the tools and support to actually create your OWN rituals. 

Be consistent in your spiritual practice, however often you want to be doing rituals. 

Know with certainty that you can’t do anything wrong in your own practice. 

Trust yourself to know what you need and how to get it, in all areas of your life. 

Have the confidence to come out of the broom closet and be open about who you are, if that’s what you want. 

Have all the things that come when you own who you are and what you want: better sex, more respect, zero shame!

Receive more aligned opportunities at work, in business, and in relationships, because when you own what you want and need, the universe aligns to bring you those things.

You Can Have All of This and More!

My Process: The Pillars of Simple magick

You Will Receive:

Our Timeline:

In this totally customized experience, we'll work together to create a unique pathway for you to discover your inner witch and create bespoke rituals that truly light you up!

As your private mentor, I’ll be here to guide you through every step of the process.

I’m here to empower you to truly love yourself and see you for the powerful, badass, modern witch that you are. I will be unafraid to challenge your shadows and to get deep with you in the intimate process of healing. 

I am deeply passionate about what I do and I will help you magnetize joyful, magickal experiences into your life that celebrate your individuality and your own intuitive wisdom. 

I can’t wait to get to know you better!

Showing up for yourself consistently is self-love.

Apply now!

Six and twelve week sessions available by application only.
(Timeline and items listed above are for twelve week experience.)


Do I have to do things exactly the way that you suggest?
Absolutely not – in fact, it’s essential to me that you find your own way. I am here to guide you in the right direction for YOU, not just to teach you how I do things in my own practice.

Are you going to teach me how to be a cottage witch like you? I’m not sure if that’s really my path or not.
I will share my experiences if I think they’ll be helpful for you and can certainly support you if you choose to follow the path of the cottage witch but I’m here to guide, not to teach.

What if I’m curious about a practice that you don’t know that much about?
If something comes up in our time together that I’m not familiar enough with to teach you, I will find outside resources and other mentors you can connect with about that.

What if I don’t resonate with something in my astrological chart?
Not everything in your chart always feels immediately comfortable, though even when something doesn’t resonate right away, it can often reveal an unconscious belief or bias for you to explore. 

I’m nervous about calling myself a witch and really claiming this part of myself. Do I have to come out of the broom closet?
You should only come out of the broom closet if and when you feel comfortable doing so, which I can support you with if you so desire.

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