How to Work with the Moon Phases in Your Daily Life

(even when you have no time!)

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Hi, I'm Tenae Stewart!

I'm a cottage witch, a certified astrologer, and a published author.

It’s my mission to help modern witches like you live your most magickal life – all day, every day.


I’ve been working with the moon in my own life and spiritual practice for well over a decade, (in many ways, I’ve been working with the moon all my life.)

But when I discovered my own moon sign in my astrology chart and committed to working with the moon phases and moon signs more intentionally, it was a game-changer in how I was able to be consistent with my spiritual practice for the first time ever…


and how I’ve stayed consistent for the last eight years.


Now I’m sharing all my secrets for working with the moon in this FREE on-demand masterclass! Just click the button below to watch now.

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