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Do you ever wish there was a witchy magazine, complete with articles, recipes, rituals, and horoscopes – like Better Homes and Gardens, but that the Spellman and Halliwell families might subscribe to?


I’ve been a big fan of lifestyle magazines since I was a kid and that’s what inspired me to create Starlight Magazine! 

Every season, we release a digital and print issue packed with inspiration on celebrating the seasonal shifts, flowing with the moon phases, understanding astrology, and practicing real life magick.

Starlight Magazine is the perfect page-turner to support you in living your most magickal life all year long.


You’ll have an abundance of inspiration to celebrate the solstices and equinoxes, set intentions at every new moon, do spellwork and practice magick, and much more.


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Next Issue: Spring 2024

In this issue, you’ll find over 90 pages of articles, recipes, and content on:

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In This Issue...


Spring is about fresh starts, new beginnings, sensuality, fertility and rejuvenation. We are setting intentions for a beautiful year! In this issue, we explore the spring festivals in the Wheel of the Year, (Ostara and Beltane), as well as ways to incorporate the themes of spring into your real, daily life.


Eclipse season is the big astrological news this season! We will have eclipses in Aries and Libra, as well as Mercury retrograde in Aries and Pluto continuing to get settled in Aquarius. In addition to eclipses, we also have new moons in Taurus and Gemini and full moons in Scorpio and Sagittarius.


Some different types of magick and spiritual practices to explore in spring include sensual spellcraft, money and abundance rituals, and cleansing and purification.


This issue includes multiple rituals for the spring equinox, Beltane, and the full moon lunar eclipse in Libra. We've also included recipes for an elderflower tea, an emotional healing oil blend, and more.

Meet the Writers

Check out the incredible lineup of writers, astrologers, and witches who contribute to the magazine!

Tenae Stewart

witch of lupine hollow

Spring Issue:
Eclipse Portals to Awakening

Founder, CEO + Editor-in-Chief

Afura Fareed

the writing witch

Spring Issue:
Cleansing with the Elements

Staff Writer ~ Seasonal Living

Jane Park

certified astrologer

Spring Issue:
March, April + May 2024 Horoscopes

Staff Writer ~

Cosmic Living

Lara Spell-Worsham

certified astrologer

Spring Issue:
Aries + the Warrior Archetype

Staff Writer ~

Cosmic Living

Guest Writers

Spring Issue:

Aunt Carla
Sensual Spellcraft

Jamie Della
The Sacred, Wild Self (Beltane Ritual)

Karen Gargiso
Morning Rituals for Financial Success

Natasha Soto
Spring Equinox Lessons from the Baby Ram

Hear from Our Subscribers:

Read actual testimonials from modern witches who LOVE Starlight magazine! Many of our readers like to make a ritual out of reading the magazine by lighting a candle, making a cup of tea, and enjoying this wonderful source of magickal inspiration and self-care.

I get very intentional about setting aside the time to spend with the magazine - sometimes even making it a "reward" for getting something else done. If you want to deepen your magickal practice, the magazine is a great resource.
Evie Watts
Starlight Magazine is so gorgeous while also so practical. It’s immersive and full of incredible content that’s so enlightening and inspiring. It’s full of articles, rituals, and insights that are so easy to implement in your magickal practice. I love returning to each issue again and again to infuse my day with witchy magick!
I love the seasonal inspiration, it helps me get into the witchy mood and inspires new practices. Having a publication in my home that focuses on magic for each season has been awesome, I can see it on display and get constant reminders to tune in each day and do at least one thing that's magical and seasonal.

I sit down with my tea, light my candle and draw a card, even sometimes journaling before or after. However since I have young kids I'll also take any reading time I can get! You won't regret the magic it brings into your life. Having a cozy magazine at my fingertips all about magic for each season has been amazing.
Tara deVos

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Witches for Wellness

A Lupine Hollow Initiative

Every season, we support an organization that is aligned with our vision of a world where everyone has access to wellness, spiritual freedom, self-care + equity.


This season, we are honored to be donating 5% of our total profits in January, February + March to Jewish Voice for Peace, the largest progressive Jewish anti-Zionist organization in the world. They’re organizing a grassroots, multiracial, cross-class, intergenerational movement of U.S. Jews into solidarity with Palestinian freedom struggle.

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