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Dear Overwhelmed Modern Witch...

Are you craving mystical experiences every day? Let me guess…

I have SO been there!

I used to let my “mundane” life totally get in the way of my witchy life, even though I’m actually a professional witch! I theoretically get to be witchy every day, day in and day out, but I was still feeling disconnected from my practice and out of sync with my inner witch.

Hi, I’m Tenae, the Witch of Lupine Hollow! I’m a professional witch, an astrologer, and a published author.


It’s my mission to help modern witches like you live the nourishing, magickal life you desire and deserve.

It wasn’t until I decided to fully commit to my lifestyle as a witch and to claim my inner witch in every part of my daily life that I started to feel truly consistent and prepared for my spiritual practice. 


That doesn’t mean my rituals are long or elaborate or take over my life.


On the contrary, it just means that I’m prioritizing magick and witchcraft as much as I would prioritize any other necessity, like brushing my teeth or cooking dinner.


How did I do it? First, by leaning into the cyclical nature of the seasons, moon phases, and astrology – especially getting really grounded in my own astrology chart.

But it wasn’t until I found my community of witches and spiritual women+ that my magickal life really dropped into place. I felt fully supported and accountable to not just myself, but to them as well. 

In fact, this is true in so many areas of my life. The authors and entrepreneurs who support me professionally, the besties who hand me a glass of wine when I walk in the door, the tarot reader friends (and therapist) who listen to my problems with so much tenderness. 


It’s particularly true in your spiritual practice – intimate community is what helps us embody our magick and stand in our power.

What if you could...

*Results not guaranteed – it’s up to you to manifest that whimsical cottage, but I’m here to help you step into that space!

The Inner Circle is your space for embodiment, accountability, and intimate meaningful support on your spiritual practice.

Everything about this experience is curated to help you embody your most magickal self – all day, every day. Inner Circle members receive resources and support to hold themselves and each other accountable for your rituals, shadow work, and self-care. 


But this experience isn’t just about more information – above all, it’s about intimate connection and having the supportive container to foster magick in every part of your life throughout the changing seasons and phases. 


This is your initiation into embodying your most magickal self all the time.

Our members are raving about the intimate experience in the Inner Circle!

"The Inner Circle is a deep dive into your spirituality and practice in a very personalized and intimate experience. It is a supportive place for interpersonal connection with like-minded people. This space offers a wonderful environment for growth and understanding of your path, practices, and astrology."
Jane P.
"This is a place where every individual gets to be themselves whilst learning and growing with each other. The Inner Circle teaches you how to be the best version of yourself through your own natal chart."
Lisa W.
"The Inner Circle has given me so much more depth in taking the knowledge of celestial alchemy, (the cycles of the season, moon, and astrology), and actually applying it in my daily life. The Q&A time with Tenae is invaluable in helping to understand the nuances of the topics while the group chats on Voxer and Slack help to foster community and build a support network of other witches/practitioners. I highly recommend it to help your witchcraft develop further and more naturally flow with your life."
Lara S.

If you're ready for intimate support and accountability in embodying your most magickal self throughout the year...
then The Inner Circle is for you.

What's Included:

Community + Access to Support

Resources for Embodiment

More praise and love from our coven members!

Upcoming Members Only Events

Capricorn Season (December 2023 - January 2024):

Aquarius Season (January - February 2024):

Pisces Season (February - March 2024):

All events occur live on Zoom. Replays available for members! Topics, dates, and ritual hosts subject to change.

The Inner Circle is going to transform your life.

You’re going to go from isolated, overwhelmed, and unmotivated to magickal and mystical AF every day. 

So don’t wait – click the button below to join today!

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The first four people to join by December 15 will receive a special holiday gift box in the mail, including a signed copy of one of Tenae's books and a surprise selection of other witchy goodies!


Our paid programs are available to all women+ (including cisgender, het, bi, ace, queer, lesbian and trans women), non-binary individuals, and bi, queer, ace, and gay men. Please note that we do not currently have spaces designed for cisgender heterosexual men as we are centering the experience of others at this time.

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