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finally have a consistent spiritual practice and live your most magickal life with the seasons, moon + astrology

Dear Modern Witch...

It’s time for you to fall madly in love with your own life. 


When you dedicate yourself to a magickal practice, everything you do transforms into a mystical connection with your higher self and with the earth. 


Every simple, morning cup of tea can feel as dreamy and enchanting as Sally Owens’ in Practical Magic. Every time you pull a tarot card can ground you in as deep a sense of knowing you’re on the right path today as if you’d received one of Phoebe Halliwell’s Charmed premonitions.


You have the unmatched ability to create the life you want the most – whatever it looks like – and no one else can create it for you.


That power comes from within you and it is reflected out into the cosmos – through the planets, the moon, the seasons, and their constant support of your highest desires.

You already KNOW how much better you feel when you’re consistent with your rituals and witchy practices.


Imagine if this is your real life:

And the best part is?

NONE of these need to take you longer than a few minutes a day! 

From here on, your spiritual practice will be seamlessly integrated into your daily life.


Your walk to work in the morning will be a time for not only exercise and commuting, but also grounding connection with the earth and your intuition. No need to find an extra hour out of your busy day for long, time-consuming rituals. 


Taking a quick glance at our Alignment Guide for the month will help you tap into the energy of the season and the planets and help you feel in tune and nourished – no need to memorize anything or try to figure it all out on your own.

And besides, you know that every time you stray from your consistent spiritual practices, everything else in your life goes haywire.

It’s time to finally be DONE with:

I've SO been there!

Hi, I’m Tenae, the Witch of Lupine Hollow! I’m a professional witch, a certified astrologer, and a published author.

It’s my mission to help modern witches like you live your most magickal life – all day, every day.

I used to think that there just weren’t enough hours in the day for work, a healthy breakfast, laundry, yoga, a little Netflix, meaningful connections, a great sex life AND time to spare for magick, rituals, and self-care.


Who’s got the time, am I right?


But then I got a brand new perspective: it was when I decided to fully commit to my lifestyle as a witch and to find magick in everything I do that I finally started living a truly magickal life.


That doesn’t mean I had to sacrifice any of the things above – nor does it mean I became super-woman and started doing them all perfectly all the time!


Whether you’re grocery shopping, praying to the goddess, or noticing the change in the seasons as you commute to work, everything you do is magick because YOU are a witch.

I'm sure you've tried all kinds of mindfulness practices, personal development hacks, yoga classes... and anything else to help you feel more grounded and connected to your higher self.

…but the mindfulness and meditation apps got boring.


…the guided journals grew dusty on the shelf after a couple of entries.


…the yoga classes were one more thing on your schedule you felt guilty about skipping.

That's why simple, magickal practices radically changed the game for me and hundreds of my clients:

Leaning into the cycles of nature – the seasons, the moon phases, and astrology – as powerful cosmic reminders of my own rhythms, ebbs, and flows… because trying to force your practice to look the same 365 days a year is a recipe for feeling like a failure. 

>>> You will never again feel like life is too mundane or not going anywhere when you have magick and rituals that make you feel part of something bigger. (Because you are.)

Understanding that all of these cycles and the many different tools of magick available to us are much more powerful when we allow them to be SIMPLE.

>>> It’s when you overcomplicate your practice that you really get off track because it’s too elaborate and you just straight up don’t have time for that.

Getting really grounded in self-awareness through my own astrology chart which helped me understand my fiery temper, my natural inclination towards witchcraft, and how to create rituals that feel like home to me (and so much more).

Finding my community of witches and spiritual people – the besties who hand me a glass of wine when I walk in the door, the tarot reader friends (and therapist) who listen to my problems with so much tenderness – because intimate community is what helps us embody our magick and stand in our power.

>>> This beats the same old conversations with people who don’t really get you ANY DAY – or another round of Cards Against Humanity when you actually want to pull out your tarot cards.

Our members are raving about the intimate experience in the Inner Circle!

"The Inner Circle is a deep dive into your spirituality and practice in a very personalized and intimate experience. It is a supportive place for interpersonal connection with like-minded people. This space offers a wonderful environment for growth and understanding of your path, practices, and astrology."
Jane P.
"This is a place where every individual gets to be themselves whilst learning and growing with each other. The Inner Circle teaches you how to be the best version of yourself through your own natal chart."
Lisa W.
"The Inner Circle has given me so much more depth in taking the knowledge of celestial alchemy, (the cycles of the season, moon, and astrology), and actually applying it in my daily life. The Q&A time with Tenae is invaluable in helping to understand the nuances of the topics while the group chats on Voxer and Slack help to foster community and build a support network of other witches/practitioners. I highly recommend it to help your witchcraft develop further and more naturally flow with your life."
Lara S.

If you're ready for intimate support and accountability in embodying your most magickal self...
then The Inner Circle is for you.

Here’s how I’m going to help you tap into your inner power, so you can create your life exactly as you desire it:

Community + Access to Support

Live Zoom Classes, Rituals + Coaching

*Works out to roughly one call per week with some variation

Resources for Embodiment

More praise and love from our coven members!

Upcoming Members Only Events

Taurus Season (April - May 2024):

Gemini Season (May - June 2024):

Cancer Season (June - July 2024):

Leo Season (July - August 2024):

All events occur live on Zoom. Replays available for members! Topics, dates, and ritual hosts subject to change.

Inside the Starlight Coven Inner Circle, you’re going to claim your rightful place as the village witch – the magickal lady in the whimsical cottage at the end of the road who brews up potions for people and dispenses wise advice and delicious tea.*

Okay, maybe life won’t always look like a scene from Practical Magic…

but imagine how amazing it will be to know what tea to brew up when your friend needs a bit of joy or to be able to ground yourself with just a meaningful glance up at the moon

– or with a quick message sent off to your fellow coven members?

Everything about this experience is curated to help you embody your most magickal self – all day, every day. Inner Circle members receive resources and support to hold themselves and each other accountable for your rituals, shadow work, and self-care. 


But this experience isn’t just about more information – above all, it’s about intimate connection and having the supportive container to foster magick in every part of your life throughout the changing seasons and phases. 


This is your initiation into embodying your most magickal self all the time.

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Our paid programs are available to all women+ (including cisgender, het, bi, ace, queer, lesbian and trans women), non-binary individuals, and bi, queer, ace, and gay men. Please note that we do not currently have spaces designed for cisgender heterosexual men as we are centering the experience of others at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our live workshops and rituals take place  on Tuesdays at 2:00 pm Pacific time, though there is some variation. All of our events are virtual and take place online. Replays are ALWAYS available!

The only rules we have are that you must be kind, respectful, and anti-racist. We do not tolerate violent, disrespectful language or cultural appropriation. Other than that, there are no rules!

We welcome witches of all paths, practices, and beliefs, so long as they are anti-racist and anti-cultural appropriation. We do not recognize paths that promote white supremacy. Otherwise, kind, respectful, anti-racist witches of all paths and practices are welcome!

Our paid programs are available to all women+ (including cisgender, het, bi, ace, queer, lesbian and trans women), non-binary individuals, and bi, queer, ace, trans, and gay men. Please note that we do not currently have spaces designed for cisgender heterosexual men as we are centering the experience of others at this time.

Absolutely! We have members all over the world. 

Yes, absolutely! We are not a coven in the traditional sense and do not typically practice magick together, although you have the option to join us for our seasonal sabbat rituals every 6 weeks. The Starlight Coven is more of a learning space and community and you are not required to practice magick in any certain way or to join us for rituals.

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