The Inner Circle

How It Works

How It Works

You might be wondering not just what’s included in the Inner Circle but how it all works and what the experience is really like. So here’s all the details!

When you first join the Inner Circle, you’ll receive access to our members area, including the Starlight Coven resources, and our private Slack community. Within a day or two, you’ll receive an email from our team, welcoming you and letting you know which Order you’ve been sorted into. 


To foster intimacy and meaningful connection, the larger Inner Circle group is sorted into the Orders of the Sun, Moon, and Stars, (with more to be added as the group grows. Note, the names are just for fun and do not indicate anything about your practice or who you are as a witch).


New members are randomly sorted into one of the Orders, which are small groups of no more than 10 fellow witches so you can really get to know one another as friends. You’ll then be invited to join the Voxer chat with your Order where you can actively share about your life and practice, get support, share memes, etc. 


Orders are led by Head Witches, members with especially magickal organizational and creative skills who are here to moderate your Voxer chat, answer questions, and coordinate live calls for the sabbats. 


At the beginning of each new season, at the equinoxes and solstices, we will kick off a new Seasonal Self-Care Challenge with weekly activities such as shadow work prompts, divination ideas, meditations, and more. 


Throughout the season, we will also gather for new moon rituals, accountability calls, and fun, magickal gatherings just with your Order so that we are always staying in close connection and community. 

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