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Harbinger of Spring

Imbolc takes place February 1st, during Aquarius season, and is the last sabbat of winter before the return of spring. It is often heralded by snowdrops or daffodils.

Working with the seasons and celebrating the eight pagan sabbat celebrations that make up the Wheel of the Year can help you create rhythm and flow in your life.


The festival of Imbolc is a perfect opportunity to reflect on the magick you’ve developed in yourself since the beginning of fall and the self-care you still need to practice before spring comes again.

Articles, Episodes + Resources

Hearty Pot Pie for Imbolc

Try this recipe for a delicious, stick-to-your-bones beef pot pie this Imbolc!
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Preparations for Imbolc + How to Make a Winter Wreath

Instructions for how to make a winter wreath in honor of the pagan sabbat, Imbolc.
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