The Empowered Modern Witches Festival

April 27 – 29, 2022

Hara Aramaya

Recorded Meditation

A centering meditation to guide you back into your body and back into the center of your power, the womb and heart. This is to help us facilitate creating a world that feels in alignment to our hearts.

Recorded experience will be available Friday, April 29

About Hara Aramaya
Pronouns: She/They/Them
Hara Aramaya is a feminine embodiment guide who works with powerful women and queers that desire to create a life governed by love, alignment and pleasure. They walk hand in hand with clients as they step into the power of their bodies and hearts. Formerly a burnt out registered nurse, dominatrix & sex worker they have embraced their gifts to live in radiant alignment. They hold spaces through offering sacred embodiment ceremonies to help clients fully reclaim their bodies, pleasure and the power of the feminine. Hara currently resides in Mexico and is continuously looking for ways to support and nurture the local community.

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