The Empowered Modern Witches Festival

April 27 – 29, 2022

Elisa Jordan

Recorded Light Language Healing

Inspired by Taurus season, receive a channeled light language sound healing on Cosmic Body Love to release the shadows and toxic cords that keep us from loving and nurturing our physical vessels.

Recorded exprience will be available Wednesday, April 27

About Elisa Jordan
Pronouns: She/Her
Elisa is a holistic astrologer, conscious parenting advocate, light code keeper, self love nurturer, host of The Mystical Mama Podcast, and a mystical mama to be in spring 2022! She is excited to explore holistic and mystical ways to nurture you, and your family’s, multidimensionality. She holds space to discover liberation in the mothering journey through astrology, holistic healing modalities, and light language sound healings. Our generation is waking up to the toxic generational and societal conditionings and patterns that we carry, which have kept us all from living our most authentic, free, and joyous self. We are the karmic cycle breakers here to liberate ourselves, our families, and society, from those inherited fears, patterns, and conditionings. Mystical Mama Co. provides tools, resources, and community to become aware of those conditionings, then release them from our subconscious and energy fields so we, and the next generation, are free to fully nurture and love ourselves.

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