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Dear Overwhelmed Modern Witch...
Craving Mystical Experiences Every Day?

Let Me guess:

You feel overwhelmed by trying to live your life, practice your witchcraft, do a good job at work or at running your business, go grocery shopping before the fridge is empty, AND take care of yourself. 

You desperately want to have the mystical, magickal experiences you’ve daydreamed about, (helloooo, Practical Magic house), but everything just feels like an obligation you can’t keep up with these days.

You rarely feel prepared for the full moon and seasonal rituals you want to be doing so sometimes you just skip them altogether – it’s a vicious cycle of guilt and feeling like a bad witch. 

When you’re only accountable to yourself and no one except you is going to know if you skip that full moon ritual, it’s hard to feel motivated to practice, even though you really do want to.

You’ve read all the books and intellectually, you know all the things – you’re a damn well-read witch, that’s for sure. But you struggle to implement and embody everything you’ve learned in your real life and practice.

You feel alone and isolated, disconnected from other witches, since there aren’t many people around you who practice and believe the way that you do. Random Facebook groups just aren’t cutting it anymore.

You know it’s well past time for a change but you’ve just been bogged down in the daily realities of life.

I've Been There.

I used to let my “mundane” life totally get in the way of my witchy life, even though I’m actually a professional witch! I theoretically get to be witchy every day, day in and day out, but I was still feeling disconnected from my practice and out of sync with my inner witch.

Hi, I’m Tenae, the Witch of Lupine Hollow! I’m a professional witch, an astrologer, and a published author. It’s my mission to help modern witches like you embody simplicity in your magick, rituals, and self-love and self-care practices so that you can consistently have mystical experiences in your real, daily life.

It wasn’t until I decided to fully commit to my lifestyle as a witch and to claim my inner witch in every part of my daily life that I started to feel truly consistent and prepared for my spiritual practice. 

That doesn’t mean my rituals are long or elaborate or take over my life, just that I’m prioritizing magick and witchcraft as much as I would prioritize any other necessity, like brushing my teeth or cooking dinner.

It wasn’t until I really found my community of witches and spiritual women and entrepreneurs that I felt fully supported and accountable to not just myself, but to them as well. 

If you're ready to embody witchcraft in every part of your life, then The Embodied Witch is for you.

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What if you could:

Make lifelong friends with witches who share your interests, values, and experiences. 

Be supported in holding yourself accountable for claiming your inner witch every day – no more feeling alone. 

Practice witchcraft consistently with daily and weekly rituals that feel amazing and super personal to you.

Go beyond discovering what resonates with you and really implement in your real life what you’ve learned over your years of study and dabbling.

Prioritize your magick, your self-care, your need for rest and for mystical experiences. 

Allow your witchcraft practice to come naturally and easily and to flow with every part of your life. 

Claim your place as the village witch – the magickal lady in the whimsical cottage at the end of the road who brews up potions for people and dispenses wise advice and delicious tea. * 
*Results not guaranteed – it’s up to you to manifest that whimsical cottage, but I’m here to help you step into that space!

In The Embodied Witch, you'll experience all of this and more!

This Six-Month Experience Includes...

The Embodied Witch Inner Circle is going to transform your life – you’re going to go from isolated, overwhelmed, and unmotivated to magickal and mystical AF every day. So don’t wait – click the button below to sign up now!

The Inner Circle is currently closed for enrollment, as this group is limited to 13 members at a time. We will be back open for enrollment in October 2021.

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