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S5 E3: 9 steps for living your most magickal life

In this episode, I’m sharing my nine-part framework for Living Your Most Magickal Life!

This is totally customizable and adaptable to so many different paths because it’s mostly not about WHAT you do, but rather about discovering who you are so that you can create a practice that’s in alignment for you – no matter what it looks like.

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S4 E13: Celebrate the spring equinox with me!

In this short, bonus episode, I’m sharing all about Awakening: the 2nd annual Empowered Modern Witches Festival! This free, all virtual event is a celebration of springtime and the magick of the cycles of nature. The event will take place March 20-22, 2023, the week of the spring equinox and new moon in Aries in the northern hemisphere.

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S3 E5: Physical + Energetic Sacred Space with Nikki Van De Car

In this episode, I’m chatting with Nikki Van De Car, who is the author of ten books on crafting and magic, including Practical Magic, Wellness Witch, and The Witchy Homestead. Nikki and I talked all about physical and energetic sacred space, coming out of the broom closet, and how to make your practice fit into your real, daily life.

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S3 E4: Human Design & the Sacred Feminine with Brook Belden

In this episode, I’m chatting with Brook Belden, a former clinical mental health therapist turned spiritual healer. She combines psychotherapy, Human Design, and Sacred feminine wisdom in her work with her clients. She hosts a podcast, Reclaiming Her where she explores the many facets of healing and reclamation of yourself and your sacred feminine. She is a mom of two and resides in North Carolina.

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S3 E3: Pleasure & Sensual Embodiment with Hara Aramaya

In this episode, I’m chatting with Hara Aramaya who is one of our speakers for the 2nd annual Empowered Modern Witches Summit! We’re going all the places in this conversation: pleasure and sensual embodiment, working with the elements, the cosmic matrix, and more. 

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Ep. 18: How to have more consistent rituals

Ever struggle to be consistent in your rituals, whether you want to do them daily, for the new or full moons, or even just seasonally?

As we head into Virgo season this week, let’s talk about how you can turn that around and create rituals that are not only fun and fulfilling but that you both WANT to do and will ACTUALLY do.

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Ep. 16: How to have fun as a witch! | The Empowered Modern Witches Show by The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Ep. 16: How to Have Fun as a Witch!

Witchcraft is a sacred journey of exploring your spirituality, transmuting your shadows into strengths, and empowering the oppressed. But it’s not all serious all the time – being a witch is actually super fun too!

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