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S5 E16: Your complete guide to green witchery and natural magic

In the season finale, I am discussing green witchcraft, herbalism, and natural magic to celebrate my newest book, Botanical Cocktails. The book includes 50 garden-to-glass cocktail recipes for every season – and a mocktail variation for every single recipe! It’s an excellent seasonal companion to my second book, The Modern Witch’s Guide to Natural Magick.

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S5 E15: Witch wounds with Julie Anne Stratton

In this episode, I’m joined by Julie Anne Stratton, who is a musician, witch, author, and priestess of the goddess. She has studied many different paths such as Germanic, Dianic, and Gardnerian Wicca and is now fully in the Reclaiming tradition.

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S5 E14: Sacred money with Karen Gargiso

In this episode, I’m joined by Karen Gargiso, an accountant and financial empowerment coach, (and our very own witchy accountant here at Lupine Hollow!) She is a money witch and founder and CEO of Sacred Money, Inc.
Karen and I discussed the integration of practical money management with the emotional, energetic, somatic, and psychological aspects of money.

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S5 E13: Magical destinations with Kara Harms

In this episode, I’m joined by my friend, Kara Harms, the CEO of Whimsy Soul, a lifestyle and travel website. Kara lives local to me in the Bay Area and I’ve been writing spiritual articles and horoscopes for her site for three years now!

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S5 E11: Higher helpers and spirit guides with Tammy Mastroberte

In this episode, I’m joined by Tammy Mastroberte, who is a wellness expert, spiritual teacher, and award-winning author. Tammy is sharing with us about her new book, The Higher Help Method, which is a powerful guide for creating the most fulfilling life that we all strive for by outlining practical yet spiritual tools, such as meditation and mindset changes.

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S5 E10: Light language with Athena Hatch

In this episode, I’m joined by Athena Hatch, a vibrational energy alchemist, to discuss the practice of light language and its powerful ability to help us heal and release trauma. Athena has an expansive background as an herbalist, trauma release guide, yoga/breathwork/meditation instructor, III reiki master, and a grief tending practitioner/guide.  

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S5 E7: A springtime day-in-the-life of a cottage witch

In this episode, I’m taking you through an average springtime day in my own magickal life as a cottage witch! I’m sharing what I do when I first wake up, my morning rituals, how I bring a little magick into my work day, and how I wind down in the evenings. The key to living a magickal life and having a consistent spiritual practice is to weave bits of mysticism and spirituality into every part of your mundane day.

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