Black Friday 2022 Special Offers

Grab these incredibly special offers and opportunities to work with Tenae in 2023 before they’re gone!

Black Friday 2022

For Black Friday this year, I’m offering some pick-and-choose options for you to work with me in 2023! All of these options are BRAND NEW, never offered before and might never be offered again. 

We’ve got something for everyone, plus payment plans on the higher priced offerings! Scroll down to learn more and sign up. 

2023 Monthly Transits

A mini membership with 12 monthly 15-minute videos on the planetary transits and how they may be impacting you based on your own astrological chart.


This is powerful information to have so that you can give yourself grace and permission to rest when it’s needed and to be prepared for bursts of energy or deep transformations throughout 2023.


This is for you if:



– 12 pre-recorded videos delivered monthly

– 12 PDF reference sheets

– Starts January 2023

25% off! $197 one-time payment – price will go up to $275 on November 28

Private One-Day Intensives

A one-day deep dive to get private mentorship and support from Tenae around the big themes that the 2023 transits will be bringing up for you. 


You’ll kick off the new year with the knowledge and in tune with the inner wisdom you need to live your most magickal year yet.


This is for you if:



– Two 1-hour calls on Zoom with Tenae over the course of one day, including:

– discussion of your chart and the 2023 transits

– customized healing or ritual experience

– 48 hours of unlimited private Voxer coaching (Tenae will respond during business hours)

– a written reference to refer back to throughout the year

– BONUS! access to the monthly transits videos all year long ($197 value)

25% off! Get your 2023 intensive for $1349 or six monthly payments of $225 – price will go up to $1797 on November 28


Very limited availability! Only three spots available in January, February, and March 2023

Lupine Hollow

Private Six-Month Coaching

An all-inclusive deep dive and intimate mentorship experience to support you in all areas of your spiritual practice and astrological chart!


This is a completely customized experience of mentoring and spiritual discovery, so you can become more in tune with your intuition and grounded in the practices and rituals that are right for you.


This is for you if:



– Six monthly private calls on Zoom

– Unlimited private Voxer coaching during business hours

– Two written astrology readings ($777 value)

– Year of access to my Inner Circle group ($2,599 value)

– Lifetime access to current full course suite ($397 value)

$9,999 or twelve monthly payments of $899


BONUS! Sign up by November 28 and get an additional one-day intensive and access to the monthly transits videos for all of 2023 ($1600+ value)

Witches for Wellness

A Lupine Hollow Initiative

Every season, we support an organization that is aligned with our vision of a world where everyone has access to wellness, spiritual freedom, self-care + equity.


This season, we are honored to be donating 5% of our total profits in July, August + September to Thriving Women – Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples. The program supports grassroots, Indigenous women-led and serving initiatives to uplift matrilineal centered traditional health and wellness practices, advance multi-generational kinship and leadership development, revive subsistence food systems and traditional women’s healing through land-based practices, and more.

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