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The Beauty of Your Cosmic Design

The stars are truly magick. At the moment you were born, they aligned in a particular pattern. Your astrological chart is a map of that moment – and a map to your highest potential. 

On this page, you’ll find lots of resources for learning astrology and applying it to your spiritual practice so you can align with your truth. 

To get your own birth chart, you’ll need your birth date, birth location + exact birth time, (as close as you can get – even a few minutes can actually have an impact!)

tocque - allegorical painting of urania

Learn Astrology

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The Zodiac

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Applied Astrology

Meteor Shower Magick & Ritual - watch the Perseids and do a little ritual at the same time

Meteor Shower Magick & Ritual

Watch the Perseids tonight and do a little magick at the same time. Take inspiration from the shooting stars!
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Mercury Retrograde Resources to Get You Through the Communication Breakdown

A roundup of online resources to help you survive Mercury Retrograde!
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