S5 E16: Your complete guide to green witchery and natural magic

In the season finale, I am discussing green witchcraft, herbalism, and natural magic to celebrate my newest book, Botanical Cocktails. The book includes 50 garden-to-glass cocktail recipes for every season – and a mocktail variation for every single recipe! It’s an excellent seasonal companion to my second book, The Modern Witch’s Guide to Natural Magick.

I wanted to focus in this episode on the importance of feeling connected to nature and how working with plants can be a more grounded way to approach the seasons, but also the cosmic cycles of the moon and astrology.

We cover different types of green witchery, practical ways to work with plants in your real life, and how to understand magickal correspondences of plants through the elements.

Episode Chapters:

00:00 Introduction to Green Witchcraft and Herbalism, including different approaches to this path

07:12 Practical Ways to Work with Plants through tea, essential oils, cocktails, spirit guides, and more

16:20 Understanding Correspondences in Herbalism through the Elements

22:14 Recommended Reading for Your Green Witch Library

Recommended Reading:

The Modern Witch’s Guide to Natural Magick and Botanical Cocktails by Tenae Stewart

Green Witchcraft by Paige Vanderbeck

The Green Witch by Arin Murphy-Hiscock (Adams Media)

Mixing Essential Oils for Magic by Sandra Kynes

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