S5 E11: Higher helpers and spirit guides with Tammy Mastroberte

In this episode, I’m joined by Tammy Mastroberte, who is a wellness expert, spiritual teacher, and award-winning author. Tammy is sharing with us about her new book, The Higher Help Method, which is a powerful guide for creating the most fulfilling life that we all strive for by outlining practical yet spiritual tools, such as meditation and mindset changes.

Tammy shares her personal journey of discovering spirit guides and mediumship after her mother’s death and how it led her to develop practical yet spiritual tools for getting unstuck. She introduces her method, a four-step process that involves getting clear on what you desire, partnering with the universe to co-create that desire, receiving signs and synchronicities, and more.

Tammy also explains the different types of spirit guides and higher helpers that people can work with and how tools such as crystals can help us amplify our energy and intentions as we call on our guides.

Connect with Tammy

Website: https://tammymastroberte.com

Instagram: https://instagram.com/elevatetammy


S5 E11: Higher helpers and sprit guides with Tammy Mastroberte

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