S5 E8: How to track the current moon phase

Have you ever wanted to work more with the moon phases but weren’t sure what exactly to DO? It’s one thing to do a new or full moon ritual but how do you really bring your awareness to the moon on a daily basis, so it becomes a habit, deeply ingrained in your spiritual life?

Tracking the current phase of the moon, as well as the zodiac sign and where it activates in my own astrology chart, is the practice I have been most consistent with on a daily basis for nearly eight years.

In this episode, I’m sharing exactly what I track about the moon phases on a daily and weekly basis, including:

  • The phase, sign, and house in my chart and what the energy of that combination is all about
  • What I want to do with this energy, especially around the new moon, full moon, and dark moon

I’m also giving you an inside look at the weekly email I send to members of the Starlight Coven with the exact crystal, plant, mini rituals, and affirmations I shared for the new moon in Pisces, (as an example of what we send every week for the current moon phase!)

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