S5 E3: 9 steps for living your most magickal life

In this episode, I’m sharing my nine-part framework for Living Your Most Magickal Life!

This is totally customizable and adaptable to so many different paths because it’s mostly not about WHAT you do, but rather about discovering who you are so that you can create a practice that’s in alignment for you – no matter what it looks like.

Here’s a quick overview of the framework:

  1. Nourish your intuition
  2. Get to know your astrology chart
  3. Practice shadow work (click here to listen to our shadow work episode)
  4. Honor the seasons and cycles of the sun
  5. Flow with the cycles of the moon
  6. Work with the cycles of the planets and astrology
  7. Discover the pillars of your spirituality
  8. Create your rituals
  9. Allow your practice to evolve

Much of creating a practice that you can “stick with” is really about choosing elements of that practice that are truly in alignment with your own needs, desires, and soul journey. If you’ve ever struggled with having a consistent spiritual practice, then this episode is for you!

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Inside the Inner Circle, you get access to:

  • Daily text messages and weekly emails so you always know when the next moon phase or retrograde is
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  • Private Slack community for intimate connection with like-minded witches, support, and accountability

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