S5 E2: Mindfully consistent spirituality with Lorriane Anderson

In this episode, I’m joined by my good friend, Lorriane Anderson, who is a multidisciplinary spiritual teacher, soul-based entrepreneur, and author of The Witch’s Apothecary and the Seasons of the Witch oracle decks. She is also one of our speakers at the upcoming Empowered Modern Witches Summit, where she will be offering a reading for the collective with the new Seasons of the Witch: Mabon oracle deck. Lorriane and I have been witchy friends and colleagues for many years and often find ourselves on parallel spiritual journeys.
In the episode, Lorriane and I chat about our own spiritual practices and how they have evolved over the years, how sometimes skipping rituals can be more mindful and present than pushing through or going through the motions, and how to adapt the cycles of nature like the Wheel of the Year to suit your own needs. Lorriane also shared a really interesting and useful reframe of the Wheel of the Year, not just as seasonal festivals at specific times of year but as expressions of powerful human emotions that we might experience or tap into even in the “wrong” season, (such as tapping into the grief of Samhain in spring or summer.)
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Purchase Lorriane’s new book, The Witch’s Apothecary: https://amzn.to/44eqnGr
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S5  E2: Mindfully consistent spirituality with Lorriane Anderson

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