S5 E1: How to practice shadow work

Welcome to season 5 of The Empowered Modern Witches Show! Thank you for being a listener, whether you are brand new to the podcast or have been listening for years.
We are starting the new season with a juicy topic: what is shadow work, why it’s an essential practice for most witches, and practical, actionable ways to actually DO shadow work, (a very common question I get all the time!) I’m covering:
  • My working definition of shadows and shadow work – the process of becoming aware of a shadow, acknowledging it, and working to understand it
  • Magick for releasing, integrating, and transmuting shadows once you understand them
  • Plant and crystal allies to work with for shadow work
  • Identifying shadows in your astrology chart through the 8th and 12th houses, Chiron, and Black Moon Lilith
  • Working with your astrology chart including the moon, Lilith, and dark goddess asteroids to support you in shadow work
Dropping tons of powerful gems in this one!
Want even more juicy discussion of shadow work? I’ll be in conversation with other amazing witches about this during one of our live panel discussions in the 4th annual Empowered Modern Witches Summit!  The summit is taking place online September 18-22, 2023 and it is completely free to attend! Click here to get your FREE ticket: https://lupinehollow.krtra.com/t/P043WnQqftoQ
S5 E1: How to practice shadow work

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