S4 E18: Simplifying astrology + your roadmap to certification

This episode is the audio of our recent free masterclass on simplifying astrology! In this episode, you’ll learn:

    1. My unique methods for simplifying the zodiac signs and planets so they are more accessible and useful in life and self-care
    2. How you can incorporate astrology with other tools, modalities, and careers, (such as tarot, massage, writing, and so much more)
    3. Whether an astrology certification might be right for you and how to pursue one

Want to learn even more about astrology with me? Join me in the Celestial Alchemy Astrology Certification program! In my most popular course, I share all my wisdom about how to read charts, write horoscopes and readings, and develop your own methodology as an astrologer. Get certified in my unique methods of astrology – click here to get on the waitlist for the next cohort!

Click here to learn more about the certification.

S4 E18: Simplifying astrology + your roadmap to certification

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