S4 E12: Reframing tarot and The Emperor with Kir Beaux

In this episode, I’m chatting with Kir Beaux, (they/ them), who is an Afro-Indigenous, Trans, Non-Binary Queer, psychic witch, and spiritual counselor. Kir offers Spirit channeling sessions and education via Pink Opal Magic.

We talked all about The Emperor tarot card and how it is associated with Aries season, but reframed outside of the restricting patriarchal, capitalistic framework of the past. Rather than seeing The Emperor as this energy of authority, patriarchy, and being in charge of others, let’s shift our focus to the true energy of Aries: inner, soul fire and taking up exactly as much space as we are meant to.

We also touched on Kir’s own tarot practice of reflection, checks and balances, and working with their guides for clarity.

Want to learn more from Kir about The Emperor and using tarot this coming Aries season?

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Connect with Kir Beaux

Website: www.pinkopalmagic.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/pinkopalmagic

S4 E12: Reframing tarot and The Emperor with Kir Beaux

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