S4 E15: Progressed moons with Karrie Myers Taylor

In this episode, I’m joined by Karrie Myers Taylor who is an Astrological Empowerment Counselor and Teacher, utilizing the ancient tool of Astrology to empathically support and strategically guide and support her clients to limitless success in Relationships, Career Goals, Ancestral Inheritance and Life Purpose Alignment.

Karrie and I had an incredible conversation discussing progressed moons in astrology and how these 2.5-3 years cycles can help you live in alignment with the season of life you’re currently in. We also chatted about Placidus vs. Whole Signs houses, working with plants, crystals, elements and even people for planetary remediation and balancing the chart, and how we relate to our own sun and moon placements.

Click here to find your progressed moon: https://horoscopes.astro-seek.com/the-progressed-moon-calendar-astrology-calculator or follow Karrie’s instructions in the episode to find your progressed chart at astro.com.

Connect with Karrie
Website: www.selfkarrie.com
Instagram: @selfkarrie

S4 E15: Progressed moons with Karrie Myers Taylor

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