S4 E7: Intuitive writing practices with Leah Kent

In this episode, I’m joined by Leah Kent, who is a writer, book coach, and book designer. She helps radiant, creative visionaries bring their books and sacred body of work to life. From idea to finished book, she supports heart-centered experts and entrepreneurs to write and self-publish nonfiction books that clarify their message, establish their thought-leadership, and expand their impact and visibility.
Leah and I had a great conversation about the writing process and how it takes both intuition and structure to write a book. She shared how she works with the moon phases in her writing process and what it looks like to truly find your voice as a writer. Leah also shared her top tips for aspiring writers!
Connect with Leah Website: www.leahkent.net Instagram: @leahkentco
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S4 E7: Intuitive writing practices with Leah Kent

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