S4 E5: How to Live Your Most Magickal Life

This episode is an excerpt from our 3rd annual Empowered Modern Witches Summit in 2022, an annual online gathering of witches to celebrate the most magickal time of the year. This was a panel discussion between Tenae and several current members of the Starlight Coven, sharing their experiences of bringing magick into their daily lives and truly embodying their most magickal selves.

In this discussion, we talked about bringing magick into your mundane activities and responsibilities, how to have a morning ritual that actually works for you, the many different ways that a magickal life can look and feel, how astrology and the seasons have helped each of these amazing witches embrace themselves more fully, and much more.

The panelists in this discussion have vastly different backgrounds, lives, and perspectives to share, which made this such a special conversation. Lara is an Ayurvedic coach and yoga teacher in Georgia with a Capricorn Sun, Leo Moon and Scorpio Rising. Jade is a wedding, portrait, and boudoir photographer in Oregon with a Scorpio Sun, Virgo Moon, and Sagittarius Rising. Grecia is a chemical engineer in Texas with a Virgo Sun, Scorpio Moon, and Scorpio Rising.

Connect with the panelists on Instagram:

Lara Spell-Worsham: @intentionallara

Jade Hincks: @invokeboudoir

Grecia Williamson: @g.m_williamson

We also talked about the Starlight Coven and how being a part of this seasonal sacred circle has helped each of these witches understand their astrological charts more deeply, accept and love themselves, to practice shadow work and heal witch wounds, and much more.

Click here to join us in the Starlight Coven and start living YOUR most magickal life today: https://lupinehollow.krtra.com/t/W0P5Ue1iEta4

S4 E5: How to Live Your Most Magickal Life

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