S4 E2: Archetypes in Tarot, Astrology + Magick

I’m joined in this episode by Mandi Em, the author of Witchcraft Therapy and Happy Witch. Mandi is a humorist, author, and chaotic wellness witch and she shares funny, approachable self-help guidance on her blog and social channels for Healing for Hot Messes and resources for nonreligious witches over at The Secular Witch.
Mandi and I always have the best conversations whenever we collaborate and this episode is no exception! We’re talking all about archetypes and how to work with them in your spiritual practice.
Archetypes are essentially characters that we can step into the shoes of to help us transform and show up in the ways we desire, such as more confidently or more lovingly or more intuitively. We talk about working with archetypes in tarot and oracle cards, in astrology, and through practices like bath magic and visualization.
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S4 E2: Archetypes in Tarot, Astrology + Magick

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