S3 E11: Interview with Sisters Enchanted

In this joint episode, available on both The Empowered Modern Witches Show and Expedition to Soul, I’m chatting with Sara Walka, the founder of The Sisters Enchanted.
Since 2016, Sara has helped thousands of women lean into their intuition, conjure joy, and make everyday magic. Sara believes that a little bit of enchantment, wonder, and mysticism goes a long way in creating a life that feels fun, purposeful, and spacious.
We had such a great conversation, all about finding joy, magick, and even shadow work in the everyday mundanities of life.
Did you know that you can practice magick anywhere, anytime, with only your mind and body to serve as your tools and altar? That’s right, magick is all around you and within you!
Listen to this episode for tons of real world tips on how to practice your spirituality as a witch even while getting dressed, doing the dishes, sitting in traffic, and more.
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S3 E11: Interview with Sisters Enchanted

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