S3 E1: Seasonal shadow work with Afura Fareed

In this episode, I’m chatting with Afura Fareed who is one of our speakers for the 2nd annual Empowered Modern Witches Summit! We’re talking about journaling with the seasons, shadow work, and how to approach journaling from an empowered perspective. 

Afura is an artist and personal development guide, and the founder of The Writing Witch Shop and Alchemy Of Affluence Academy. She inspires spirited starlets to use a unique combination of psychology practices and occult wisdom to manifest their most ideal lifestyle through enchanting guided journaling adventures!

For the summit this year, Afura is presenting on the power of journaling with seasonal themes to plant, tend, harvest and release energy in your leveling up journey. The summit is taking place September 20-24, 2021 and features 15 of your favorite witches, astrologers, and authors, sharing their diverse perspectives on how you can practice self-care with the seasons, moon phases, and astrology. 

Click here to get your free ticket or grab an All-Access Pass for bonuses and lifetime access to recordings: www.witchoflupinehollow.com/summit-2021

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Seasonal shadow work with Afura Fareed - Listen to the Empowered Modern Witches Show!

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