Ep. 29: 7 situations when you’ll want to know what’s up with the moon

In this episode, I’m sharing some Moon Phases 101 and seven situations where you are definitely going to want to know what’s up with the moon! The moon has a profound impact on our emotions and intuition and having an awareness of what’s happening energetically with the moon can be powerful information to have. 

There are four basic moon phases: 

  • The new moon, for setting intentions 
  • The waxing moon, for taking action 
  • The full moon, for celebrating and having gratitude 
  • The waning moon, for releasing

The moon also moves through the twelve signs of the zodiac each month, each of which carries a particular energetic signature, and it activates each house of your own astrological chart every month as well! These are potent and nuanced layers of information to be aware of, especially when you’re feeling moody, emotional, out of sorts, or uninspired, when you’re struggling to understand those around you or getting in arguments with close loved ones, or even when you’re making magickal or mundane plans and manifestations. 

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