Ep. 26: 3 ways to use asteroids + astrology to connect with a goddess

Have you ever wanted to work with a goddess or connect with a matron deity for wisdom, guidance, and support?

To be honest, I never really did and never really worked with goddesses in my own practice until I discovered that the asteroid, Diana, is exactly conjunct my moon!

There are hundreds, (maybe thousands), of asteroids named after goddesses that are Greek, Roman, Norse, Celtic, Germanic, Sumerian, Egyptian, Chinese, Japanese, Aztec, Inuit, and probably other cultures too!

Finding goddess asteroids in your chart, especially those that are very close to your sun, moon, or personal planets, is a powerful way to discover goddesses who might be open to working with you – and in fact, who may have even been calling out to work with you since you were born.

In this episode, I’m diving into how to explore the spectrum of the divine feminine in your own birth chart and in your own being, how to find goddess asteroids in your chart, and what they can mean for you.

To find goddess asteroids in your chart, go to www.astro.com and enter your birth information. Then click on Extended Chart Selection, scroll down to the bottom, and enter the asteroid codes you want to see into the “Additional Objects” dialogue box or choose them from the alphabetical listing.

Here are the asteroid codes for some popular goddesses you might want to find in your chart:

  • 1 – Ceres 
  • 2 – Pallas 
  • 3 – Juno 
  • 4 – Vesta / 34 – Hestia 
  • 10 – Hygiea 
  • 14 – Psyche 
  • 16 – Fortuna 
  • 19 – Proserpina / 399 – Persephone 
  • 33 – Isis 
  • 76 – Freia 
  • 78 – Diana / 105 – Artemis 
  • 100 – Hekate 
  • 318 – Magdalena 
  • 580 – Selene 
  • 4227 – Kaali 
  • 5381 – Sekhmet 
  • 7088 – Ishtar

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