Jade Hincks on the moon, empowering astrology, and boudoir

Welcome to the first Teatime with Tenae bonus episode! Periodically, we will be sharing bonus guest interviews which are recorded live in our free Empowered Modern Witches Facebook community. 

Today, I’m joined by Jade Hincks, a boudoir photographer from Oregon and a long-time member of the Starlight Coven. We had a lovely chat all about the moon phases and Jade’s favorite phase, the dark moon, as well as how learning about astrology has empowered her to rise into her next level of confidence and self-acceptance.

Follow Jade at www.instagram.com/invokeboudoir 

Join the Starlight Coven for support in following the moon phases and learning about your chart in empowering, uplifting, and seasonal ways: www.witchoflupinehollow.com/starlight-coven

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