Ep. 23: Top moon ritual “mistakes” that are actually okay to make

In today’s episode, we are busting all kinds of myths about the many different ways you can supposedly practice moon rituals wrong…. the truth is, you can’t make any mistakes in your own practice!

Here are a few you might have heard around the internet which are NOT TRUE:

1. You can only practice your new or full moon rituals on the exact day of the phase. 

2. You have to celebrate all 8 (or even 9) of the moon phases in great detail.

3. You can’t let the sun touch your moonwater and charging crystals or the effects of the moonlight will be ruined. 

4. You have to make moonwater and charge your crystals every full moon.

5. You have to cast a circle and call the elements or four quarters to start your moon rituals. 

6. You can’t practice a moon ritual or charge your crystals if it’s cloudy out and you can’t see the moon. 

Honestly, all of these are nonsense. You can practice whenever, however, and in whatever ways feel right to you! The only actual rule with the moon phases is that you need to tune into your intuition to discover what feels right, supportive, and nurturing for you personally. 

Just for good measure, though, here is one actual mistake I do hear people make frequently: the energy of the full moon is for celebration and amplification, not for banishing or release, (which is actually what the waning moon, the full two weeks that follows the full moon, is all about!) But even with this one, if it feels good and right to you to release at the full moon, then trust yourself. 

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