The Empowered Modern Witches Summit

Self-Care with the Sun, Moon + Stars

Second Annual    •    September 20-24, 2021

Rachel Onojafe

Presenting On:

How to Care for Your Aura + Self by Human Design Type

Human Design is an incredible system for understanding how our unique energy works. We will share about the concept of the Aura in HD and how the 5 types can care for themselves best + relate to others! We will go through each Aura and how it works and top tips and advice for how to care for your Aura and self on a day to day basis. 

Live Presentation: Friday, September 24, 11:00 am Pacific

About Rachel Onojafe
Pronouns: She/Her

Rachel Onojafe’s years of studying and applying Cosmic systems like Human Design, Astrology, and Tarot have been all about personal empowerment. She has seen in her life and her clients’ lives, that the stars really give us ‘PRACTICAL MAGIC’. That magic is inside and all around us, if we’re ready to tap into it.


Rachel is on a mission to empower women to go from dream to action in their lives! She is the Cosmic Coach, an Empowerment Witch, and a Priestess, using Astrology and Human Design as well as mindset work to support her clients to elevate their lives and businesses. She also teaches how to read and interpret a birth chart for coaches wanting to use cosmic insights for themselves and their clients in her foundation program, The Star.


Her Cosmic Clues Approach supports people to know, love and courageously BE themselves. Witches, priestesses, coaches, humans, let’s reach for the stars together!

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